What is Care Camp?

Care Camp is a publication and community for everyone who shares three basic convictions:

  • We believe quality child care is a net-positive for children, families, and our communities

  • We believe a child care businesses is both a way to make a living and to leave an incredible long-term legacy in our society

  • We believe we can only care and educate children if our staff are happy and fulfilled, and we can only keep our staff happy if we’re happy and fulfilled.

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What will Care Camp do?

Care Camp is a platform for publishing interesting ideas related to child care. It is a convener of pressing issues, debates, and solutions. Most importantly, it is the nucleus for a community that seeks to improve their programs, their businesses, and themselves.

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We’re always on the lookout for new perspectives and interesting pieces, whether from established authors or first-time writers. If you have an idea for a thought-provoking article that contributes to our goal of promoting high-quality child care programs, do send us your idea at:


The best way to see whether your idea would fit well in Care Camps is to read other pieces we’ve published.

Please send a short pitch, not a full draft. Good pitches should:

  • Add to the conversation. Be original and clearly written.

  • Be short. About three concise paragraphs is usually right. 

  • Give a feel of the piece you want to write. The pitch should model the style of the proposed article, not promise what you’ll do (“I will argue that…”).

  • Please include a short bio of yourself, citing pertinent qualifications and/or why you’re the person to write such a piece. (A sentence or two is sufficient. Feel free to include links to other published material.)

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Care Camp's child care expert. 15 years in child care business. Here to share what I've learned along the way.